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Shandong Baoyang Drying Equipment of Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

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Add: Southern District of Paper Mill Industrial Park, Linqu County, Weifang City, Shandong Province

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About us

Shandong Bao Yang Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. of Science and Technology is a professional enterprise of science and technology which specializes in researching,developing and marketing drying equipment. It is also the backbone of drying industry in China. Thanks to the support of our clients and the mutual efforts of all Bao Yang’s employees, Bao Yang brand has been popularized and won the public praise among the users.
 Over the years, the company keeps pace with the market development, meets the clients’ demands and bases on the practical experience of the company to develop and perfect our products. Following are our major products:BYM series of wood-dedicated Steam hot-blast stove;BYF series of furnace,High temperature flue gas furnace,gas furnace;BYML series of vertical Steam hot-blast stove; BYML series of Drying furnace;BYD series of veneer drying , complete set of equipment,Rotary drum dryers,Belt dryer,Electrical heating drying case, tunnel dryers and the related drying accessories. Now Bao Yang series of products sells well in more than twenty provinces, autonomous regions in China with the philosophy of achieving greater, faster, better and more economical results and receive high praise from the clients.
 Thank you for choosing Bao Yang series of drying equipment from the various products. The company will stick to the tenet of " Integrity - based, customers first" and develop according to the market demand. We will work as cautiously and conscientiously as before to make contribution for the full development of Chinese wood drying industry.

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